American Metalcraft Offers a Bit of the Bubbly

Melrose Park, IL – American Metalcraft is expanding its Glacier line of colored glass bowls and platters to include some intricately designed platters that feature bubbled glass. Tinted an elegant green, each piece is truly a work of art and is designed to enhance all types of banquet tables and buffets.
Eleven different Glacier Bubble Glass Platters are available from American Metalcraft. Two platters, in a flat rectangular design, run 24 x 8” or 24 x 12”. Two in a unique “s” shape feature 1” rims and run 24 or 31” in length. Three in an unusual boat style are rimless and run 20”, 24” and 28” long. There are also four rectangular platters that are available with 1” rims. These platters are 15” to 21” in length and fit American Metalcraft’s Ironworks stands to provide a tiered serving option. Some of the platters fit American Metalcraft’s Elevation Station Buffet System as well.
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