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American Metalcraft Introduces New Mini Roasting Pans

(Press Release) Melrose Park, IL, July 10, 2012– Food presentations take center stage with these new Mini Roasting Pans from American Metalcraft. All stainless steel, they measure just 5 ¾”L x 3 ¾” W x

1 ¾” H, making them perfect for showcasing single servings.  Use them in a line-up for catered events or for side dishes and watch them steal the show. 

In recent years, American Metalcraft has expanded their product line to include several different “minis” such as Mini Stainless Steel Pails, Mini Galvanized Pails, little Fry Cups, and Mini Fry Baskets.  In April, the company added Mini Pots & Pans, Mini Woks, Mini Colanders, and Tiny Fry Baskets to the mix.  All of these products are ideal for single servings of appetizers, sides, and even specialty desserts. 

For more information or for your copy of their 2012 New Product Supplement, contact American Metalcraft   2074 George Street   Melrose Park, IL  60160   (800)333-9133,, email: