American Metalcraft Hatches Thatch Line of Baskets

Melrose Park, IL – American Metalcraft “hatches” a new idea in basket design with these unusual Thatch Baskets that are featured in the Tabletop section of their 2007 Product Catalog. Anything but bird-brained, they are decorative, practical, and designed to “nest” nicely for compact storage.
All Thatch Baskets are available in copper, chrome or black finishes to complement any of today’s style trends. 14 ½” dia x 4 5/8” h baskets are great for breads, large rolls, and fruits while the smaller sized 8” dia x 3 5/8” baskets work well with individual sandwich servings and small dinner rolls. The taller design (7” dia x 5” h) is ideal for breadsticks, fancy flatbreads, and fresh fruit. Use them individually or pair them with one another. 

They make a statement either way.
For more information on Thatch Baskets or for your copy of their 2007 Product Catalog, contact American Metalcraft    

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