American Flatbread Sells Rights to Frozen Pizza

According to, “American Flatbread frozen pizzas will no longer be made in Vermont. Instead, they’ll be manufactured in neighboring New Hampshire.”

“The company announced Tuesday the worldwide licensing rights to its natural and organic pizzas have been sold to Rustic Crust, a maker of organic pizza crusts. George Schenk, the founder and owner of American Flatbread, said in a press release, ‘Rustic Crust will use the same recipes and time honored baking techniques which have always been associated with the product.’ But will they use the same ingredients? Flatbread has built its reputation on using local produce and cheeses, including feta from Vermont Butter and Cheese. ‘Hopefully this Rustic company, Rustic Crust company, will take a look at our product, we’ll get a chance to meet them, maybe take a look at their plans, hopefully they’ll give us consideration and I know George will give us high marks for supplying to them for so many years,’ said Bob Reese of Vermont Butter and Cheese.”