Camarillo, CA – October, 2011 – Combining science, technology and hospitality industry knowledge, a fast-growing new company is tapping into the missing link for increasing customer satisfaction and increasing revenues in restaurants, hotels, resorts and spas: The Right Music.  ""

Ambiance Radio, founded and led by Bradley Newberger, a young hospitality industry entrepreneur, is the only background music service geared specifically for restaurants, hotels, resorts and spas. Ambiance Radio uses proprietary software and cutting-edge technology to deliver fully customized music feeds tailored to each site’s specific business objectives, taking into account demographics, psychographics and traffic volumes, day-by-day, hour-by-hour. 

The system incorporates the findings from decades of academic and scientific research that the company calls The Science of MusicTM, which has proven that THE RIGHT MUSIC increases guest satisfaction and, by influencing guest attitudes and behaviors, spikes top-line results.  It also improves staff morale and attitudes. Most importantly for these times, Ambiance Radio is able to provide this premium service at a cost that is comparable to what the mass produced, largely generic music services charge.

“Restaurant, hotel, resort and spa chains have invested millions of dollars to upgrade menus, remodel their locations or retrain their staff to improve guest satisfaction. While those things are important and often necessary, many brand executives overlook the incredible power of music, which often is the most simple and cost-effective way to create the positive results they are seeking to achieve,” said Newberger, President and Founder of Ambiance Radio.

All of this has fueled a great deal of interest in Ambiance Radio, which is already installed in selected units of leading restaurants across the country, including Quaker Steak & Lube®, Schlotzsky’s® and Danny Meyer’s Union Square Cafe, in addition to nearly 20 hotels and resorts across the country.

At Quaker Steak & Lube, a motorsports-themed chain restaurant, managers have been thrilled with the system and report positive guest comments after playing Ambiance Radio’s background music in several of the restaurants, according to John Longstreet, President and CEO. More than a dozen restaurants in the 44-unit chain have signed on to use Ambiance Radio and it’s rapidly expanding throughout the system.

Newberger, a 2008 graduate of the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, is out to change the industry’s dated mindset when it comes to background music. Though only 25, Newberger has 10 years active experience in the field, having worked every line-level restaurant position from a line-cook to food runner and bartender, as well as having worked on the hotel side of Celebrity Cruise Line ships all around the world. While at Cornell, he managed the upscale-casual Taverna Banfi in Ithaca, NY, where his tests of research-guided restaurant music led directly to the launching of Ambiance Radio.


Ambiance Radio’s executive ranks and advisory board include many well-known individuals with deep experience in hospitality management, music, academic research, brand development and successful entrepreneurial startups. 


About Ambiance Radio
Founded in 2010 by a young entrepreneur from within the hospitality industry, Ambiance Radio is the only background music service geared toward the hospitality industry. Ambiance Radio uses The AmbiatorTM, a proprietary software and technology system which creates individually tailored music feeds customized for each venue hour-by-hour to increase guest satisfaction and influence top-line results. The feeds apply the Science of MusicTM, which shows that The Right Music can increase sales and enhance the customer experience. For more information, visit


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