Alternative Funding Leader Merchant Cash & Capital Announces Breakthrough Quick Service Restaurant Program

New York, NY-(May 2010)-With traditional lending tighter than ever and cash
strapped businesses struggling to expand, buy equipment, meet payroll and
fund future growth, more and more businesses, particularly in the Quick
Service Restaurant industry, are looking for immediate cash flow solutions.
Announcing Merchant Cash & Capital’s (MCC) Quick Service Restaurant Program, available to all
franchised QSR’s.

The Merchant Cash & Capital ( QSR program
offers a variety of options that can help when help is most needed. MCC QSR
Program features include:

.       Expedited funding with less documentation required
.       Guaranteed approval
.       Abbreviated underwriting
.       Larger approval amounts
.       Qualification for up to 200 percent of monthly credit card volume

“The QSR Program is designed to respond to the short-term, immediate needs
of the franchisee and to provide help exactly when it’s needed most,” said
MCC CEO Stephen Sheinbaum. “We are in the business of helping QSR’s manage
their businesses better and grow, and we believe our program is among the
most aggressive and flexible in the industry.”

MCC provides businesses with a unique type of funding that avoids the
hassles often associated with traditional lenders. MCC “buys” a small, fixed
percentage of future credit card revenues and advances that money up front.
Businesses can use the money as they see fit; for inventory, marketing,
expansion, renovation or simply working capital. Once the capital is
available, MCC begins to collect a small, agreed upon percentage of daily
credit card sales until the agreement is completely met. There is no check
writing and no risk of late fees as the processing bank will automatically
transfer funds electronically the way it does with current credit card