According to the Chicago Tribune, “Last month we heard about Nick Sherman. Nick lives in New York and works for a company that publishes fonts. He also eats pizza every April — every day of every April. He has been doing this for years. The rest of the year he keeps a blog, Pizza Rules! We also heard that this year Nick upped the ante – instead of eating a pizza once a day, he decided to eat pizza at every meal for a month. And so, with April passed, and trepidation, we called to see how his heart was doing. He’s 27 and weighs 138 pounds. We hate him.”"Za_stew"

How did it go?

“‘It went well. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I made it though. The weird thing was when most people would say ‘It must be hard to eat pizza every day.’ It was hard. I had to go to a different place every day. That was part of my rules. There were a couple of times I repeated places. But literally it was nothing but pizza. That wasn’t the hard part, though. The hard part wasn’t the pizza but not eating other stuff. I went out to a business lunch with my boss and some other people and the place didn’t have pizza. It was weird. I had to say, ‘I’m not eating anything because there’s no pizza.’ ”

You just told them? 

“‘I told them I have this pizza blog and for the past four years I’ve been doing this all-pizza diet and this year was the most strict year. They understood.'”

Is this a stunt to get people like me to call you?

“‘People ask that, but no. If I wanted to get more attention I would have sent out a news release. It was just a personal challenge.'”

Did you gain weight?

“‘I actually lost weight. Like two pounds. Everyone’s first reaction was ‘You’re probably going to gain so much weight,’ but because it was only pizza I ate much less frequently. I wasn’t snacking through the day. Most days usually ended up with me eating once or twice a day.'”

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