All-new Matchbox® M360 oven honored in NRA 2015 Kitchen Innovations® Awards Program

Ovention®, Inc., is proud to announce its all-new Matchbox M360 countertop convection speed oven has been named a recipient of the Kitchen Innovations® 2015 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®.  The M360 joins Ovention’s original Matchbox oven, honored with a KI Award in 2013, and its Shuttle, honored in 2014.

Among the M360’s notable advances is an innovative re-imagination of layout and flow. The new oven changes the linear throughput of the original Matchbox and Shuttle to a 360-degree rotation. The result is a substantially reduced footprint—width is now just 33 inches—while maintaining all the performance and productivity advantages of the original Matchbox.

Like its stablemates, the M360 offers Precision Impingement® speed cooking (no microwaves) for great cook quality and menu flexibility, from breakfast sandwiches and Paninis to pizza, meats, grilled veggies and cookies.

Also like the Matchbox and Shuttle, it offers two cook surfaces that alternate into and out of the sealed cook chamber. Auto load and unload mean no undercooking or overcooking, ever. The M360 also continues the Ovention tradition of intuitive touchpad programmable controls, cool-touch surfaces, quiet operation and UL-ventless certification.

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About Ovention, Inc.

Ovention, Inc. an independently operated division of Hatco Corporation, is driven by award-winning innovation, integrity and an intense desire to solve problems that others walk away from. That spirit of innovation has produced a series of speed ovens, including the Matchbox, Shuttle and now the M360, that meet the real world needs of commercial operators. Ovention, Inc. is located at 635 S. 28th Street, Milwaukee, WI, 53215, USA. Phone: 414-615-1227.