A San Francisco man created a GoFundMe campaign for his own birthday—but the gift he wanted to buy wasn’t for himself. He raised money to deliver a slice of pizza to every homeless person in the city.

“I am the luckiest person alive,” Alexander Debelov posted on GoFundMe on January 20. “I have loving parents, best friends, [an] amazing team, and I LOVE the work that I get to do every day. My life is full of LOVE.”

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For those who aren’t so fortunate, Debelov decided to raise funds to buy 8,000 slices or 1,000 pizzas for the homeless. The campaign is still active and stands at $5,590 thus far, exceeding the goal of $5,000. Debelov said he contributed the first $2,500 himself.

Debelov’s company, Go X, led a similar drive during Thanksgiving, according to the GoFundMe campaign, and worked out orders and prices with pizza shops around San Francisco.

“While for some this may be just another meal, for others this can be a miracle, hope for a brighter day, and belief that luck and love exist,” Debelov wrote. “So it’s not just a slice of pizza, but rather a slice of love that I would love to share.”



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