According to a news report from, “In one fluid motion, Brian Christiaansen slices a chunk of dough from a large boulder on the counter, fresh from an industrial-size mixer resting nearby. He weighs and smoothes it into a small mound before reaching for another. “

“Within moments, the entire amount has been divided up and he is off in another corner flattening the dough into a familiar pizza pie circle. Next comes the sauce, cheese and pepperoni, and it is placed with ease onto the rolling cooker. He has done this once before,” said the story. “Ten years after opening one of Medina’s favorite Main Street restaurants, Christiaansen decided it was time to expand Mark’s Pizzeria. Ever since the grand opening of his second location on South Clinton Street July 11, business has been continuous, he said. “Albion had a great response right from the beginning. It just took off running,” Christiaansen said. “We increasingly get better, and busier and busier.” The Mark’s Pizzeria franchise was established by Mark Crane of Fairport in 1982. Today there are 46 locations across Western New York.”

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