The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Announces the Opening of Alaska’s Summer Salmon Harvesting Season
Seattle, Washington, April 6, 2007 – The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is pleased to announce the return of fresh, wild and always sustainable Alaska salmon to the market this May. The highly anticipated salmon season is reveled both globally and locally as chefs and consumers count down the days to its debut. The summer salmon season typically runs through early fall and this season a big return has been forecasted.
“This is an exciting time of year for Alaska as we anticipate the first salmon run of the summer.  The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is projecting the seventh strongest run on record this year.  This is a real testament to Alaska’s successful sustainable fisheries management,” states Ray Riutta, Executive Director of ASMI.
Enter wild Alaska king and sockeye, the first wild salmon to arrive in early May as they instinctively return to the pure and pristine rivers and streams of Alaska. Cohos, ketas and pinks follow in June.
It is the cold rushing waters of Alaska, coupled with a natural marine diet, that produce some of the richest, most naturally succulent salmon in the world. These sought-after fish are naturally equipped with extra oils and fats to fuel them on their long journey to return to their place of origin. It is this delicate, yet complex design that results in a fish rich in heart-healthy omega-3s, not to mention superior texture, rich coloring and flavorful taste.
As the first run of Alaska salmon “swim” into the market, chefs are developing recipes that capture this universally favored fish’s prized flavor. Renowned for its versatility, it can be prepared using a variety of applications. From cedar planking to grilling with marinades, rubs and glazes, the summer season opening of the salmon fishery makes this an exciting time of year for menuing wild Alaska salmon. Indeed, chefs can showcase their skills by experimenting with citrus, sweet, smoke, spice and herbal flavorings, enticing customers to come back for more all summer long.
Foodservice operators looking to capitalize on the highly anticipated summer Alaska salmon harvest can look to ASMI for support. ASMI offers operators a plethora of innovative and appealing salmon-focused merchandising materials as well as an Alaska salmon waitstaff tip card and an interactive training CD.  These materials are specifically designed to support operators in tempting customers to order Alaska salmon menu items. Visit ASMI online at or call (800) 806-2497 to order items such as posters, table tents, menu sheets, or waitstaff tip cards, or request a complimentary Sales Aids & Literature Catalog.
Alaska is the pioneer of sustainability. Since acceptance into the Union in 1959, Alaska has been the only state in the nation whose constitution mandates that “fish…be utilized, developed and maintained on the sustained yield principle.” This long-term dedication to sustainability has resulted in keeping the world stocked with a continuous, ever-replenishing supply of wild seafood.  Indeed, Alaska’s effective and precise fisheries management practices are considered a model for the world. 
The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is the State of Alaska’s official seafood marketing arm.  It is a public agency of the State of Alaska, funded by the Alaska seafood industry and federal grants.  ASMI promotes Alaska seafood throughout the U.S. and in 16 other countries.  ASMI also provides education and training to the seafood industry in food safety and quality assurance practices.  Please go to for more information.

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