Domino’s Pizza Franchisee kicked off a promotion on Monday to feed his entire town with pizzas—for free!

Jason Upton, owner of the Domino’s franchise in Guntersville, Alabama, said the town’s football team, the Guntersville Wildcats, made it to the state playoffs and won.

 “They had never made it that far,” Upton said. “It started to click with me in the fourth quarter, that they were going to win the state championship. We tried to come up with some way that we could be a part of this historic event,” he said.
Upton said they broke down all the names and addresses within the city limits, which turned out to be about 2,000 people.

 “There were over 10,000 people at that game, which proves this is a close-knit community. We want them to know that we’re involved and we support our schools and so forth,” Upton said.

So how’s it work? “We broke it down alphabetically by last name. Monday was A-H, Tuesday was I-P, and Wednesday is Q-Z.”

Upton said at times the customers were lined up 50 to 100 people deep, explaining that the longest wait was just getting into the lobby to pick up their pizzas.

”Our ovens can kick out about 250 pizzas an hour, and with all our extra staff on hand, it hasn’t been a problem getting the pizzas out,” he said.

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