Idea Zone: Thinking of Adding Direct Mail to Your Pizzeria’s Marketing Mix?

Are you mailing your menu? (Your competition is!) Menus are one of the most effective direct-mail marketing pieces for restaurants. Showing customers what you have to offer and how much it costs makes your menu a useful resource. Get them excited about your food with vivid imagery that makes their mouths water and include coupons to encourage both new and repeat purchases.

Interested, but think direct mail is too expensive? Not with Mail Shark’s Weekly Mailing Strategy! Get started with a free design and market analysis with no money out of pocket. You don’t pay Mail Shark until Mail Shark pays the U.S.P.S. the postage for your first mailing. They spread your mailings and your payments out over a weekly schedule that you choose. Just pick your quantity and product and then select the payment plan that makes sense for your budget.

Already doing menus and looking for something fresh? Mail Shark offers more than menus. Over the last 12 years, their restaurant and pizzeria clients have seen remarkable success in Mail Shark’s entire product mix, including postcard magnets, scratch-off postcards, and the “peel-a-deal” Pizza Peel-a-Box postcard.

Still not sure about direct mail? Reach out to one of Mail Shark’s restaurant direct-mail experts by calling 610-463-0177 or visit They are happy to answer your questions and help you decide if direct mail is right for your business.

About Mail Shark

Mail Shark is a group of passionate people dedicated to delivering a unique strategy and effective direct-mail product that’s affordable for every business, large or small. They have been serving the pizza industry since 2008 and continue to support their clients with a variety of direct-mail products beyond menus, as well as print marketing materials such as box toppers and door hangers.

Today, thousands of pizza shops are reaping the benefits of Mail Shark’s affordable approach to direct mail. Find out how Mail Shark can help your marketing efforts by calling 610-463-0177 or visiting