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Add an Authentic Italian Pizza to Your Menu with Pizza Fellas Par-Baked Pizza Crusts and Flatbreads

For almost 10 years, Pizza Fellas have been producing the highest-quality artisanal par-baked pizza crusts and flatbreads rigorously made in Italy.

All the crusts are strictly hand-kneaded, with long proofing times of 24-48 hours with sourdough starters, GMO-free and with high-quality type 0 and type 1 flour, ensuring that the pizzas are light and easy to digest.

All products are available frozen to be stored in the freezer (-0.4°F) with a shelf life of 12/18 months from the production date.

What is a par-baked pizza crust?

It’s a dough ball already kneaded and ready to add your toppings. With a par-baked pizza crust all the work of a pizza chef is already been done.

You only have to add your toppings and cook it for a few minutes. It’s the easiest way to offer pizza to your customers without the labor costs of a pizza chef and special machinery.

The artisanal production in Italy of Pizza Fellas par-baked crusts and flatbreads gives you the chance to put an authentic Italian pizza on your menu.


Which type of oven do I need to use?

An oven built specifically for pizza is recommended, but you can use your current oven, such as a traditional, impinger, convection etc.

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