Actor Brings Bronx Pizza To Baltimore

According to, “An Oscar-nominated actor who always wanted a restaurant is making his dream come true in Baltimore — slice by slice. Little did actor Chazz Palminteri know that his dream would bring a taste of the Bronx to Baltimore. Come June 23, Chazz will open in Harbor East.’I’ve always wanted to do the food from the Bronx and just bring it to other places,’ Palminteri said.”

“Three years ago, when Palminteri was doing the one-man show, ‘A Bronx Tale’ in Baltimore, he would eat at Sergio Vitale’s family restaurant, Aldos, in Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood. Palminteri said he loved the food there, and he and Vitale hit it off and came up with the restaurant idea. ‘A friendship was born out of that experience, and we traveled the country in search of the best pizza in the last three years. We went from Italian restaurant to Italian restaurant talking about what we liked best about pizzas and pasta and Italian food, and we said, ‘Hey, let’s do a restaurant,’  Vitale said.Of course, Chazz will serve Italian dishes, the specialty of which will be their signature Bronx-style pizza.”

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