So you want to open a small pizza business.  There are three possible outcomes, resounding success, minimal success or failure.  Help maximize your chances for success with our book and/or consultation services.

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Share four generations and 25 years of personal experience in the restaurant & PIZZA BUSINESS with the Ciccarone family of Ciccarone’s Fine Italian Pizza.  Learn our Ten Commandments for opening and operating a successful pizza business and light Italian restaurant.  To answer your technical questions, share the Ciccarone’s 30 years of experience as owners of Universal Building Systems for commercial and residential design, building and renovating. Learn to create floor plans, assess mechanical systems and other technical items. 

Offer high quality products.  If you begin with quality, you can finish with excellence.

Find a suitable location for a pizza business using demographics and other valuable information.  Avoid the most common pitfalls!

Develop a business plan and a budget.  Create your own road map to success in a pizza business with a business plan.  Learn how to assess facilities and estimate costs for improvements and renovations.

Learn what equipment you need and how much to spend for new and used equipment.  What’s out there?

Use space as related to business volume efficiently.  How much space do you need?  Create a floor plan, set up the kitchen, dining room, storage and refrigeration etc.

Know about municipal health and safety issues.  Learn how they affect your pizza business and how to deal with officials.

Promote your pizza business and target your clientele.  Assess your competition and do a real market study.

Create an exciting menu.  What kind of food should you offer besides pizza?  Develop recipes that will become your signature.

Learn food cost analysis and control, operating expense management and bookkeeping.

Have faith in yourself   *   TAKE A SLICE OUT OF LIFE!

LEARN: How to make and handle dough; the recipes for the Ciccarone’s sauces; dozens and dozens of other Italian and American recipes as well as dozens of exotic Italian, international and American pizza recipes.

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