A year ago, Domino’s announced it would pave potholes throughout the nation, even if only to protect pizza from being tossed around in the delivery car. The international franchise has kept its promise to this day with only three states left.

Through this promotion, Domino’s grants one city in each state $5,000 to help offset expenses for paving. Just this past month, Parkersburg in West Virginia began its own Domino’s-subsidized road work. A Domino’s grant helped buy asphalt to fill in three holes so far, and the city told The Parkersburg News-Sentinel there’s enough money to address a few more holes.

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To date, Domino’s has given away a total of 47 grants of which 37 have been used so far. Here is a list of cities that benefited from these grants, since the launch of the campaign:

  1. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  2. Des Moines, Iowa
  3. Hamtramck, Michigan
  4. Fitchburg, Massachusetts
  5. Havre, Montana
  6. Grand Forks, North Dakota
  7. Kinston, North Carolina
  8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  9. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  10. Jackson, Mississippi
  11. New Orleans, Louisiana
  12. Rexburg, Idaho
  13. Toledo, Ohio
  14. Miami, Florida
  15. Ogden, Utah
  16. Walla Walla, Washington
  17. Coos Bay, Oregon
  18. McPherson, Kansas
  19. St. Claire, Missouri
  20. Cumberland, Maryland
  21. Durant, Oklahoma
  22. Anchorage, Alaska
  23. Parkersburg, West Virginia
  24. Bellevue, Nebraska
  25. Berlin, New Hampshire
  26. South Bend, Indiana
  27. Buena Vista, Virginia
  28. Duluth, Minnesota
  29. Simpsonville, South Carolina
  30. Littleton, Colorado
  31. Laramie, Wyoming
  32. Lexington, Kentucky
  33. Lockport, New York
  34. Carson City, Nevada
  35. Burbank, California
  36. Athens, Georgia
  37. Milford, Delaware

When Domino’s launched the Paving for Pizza program, the company originally planned on rewarding 20 grants across the U.S. Then thousands of nominations rolled in for potholes across the nation, so many that Domino’s leadership decided to expand the program to one grant per state.

“We knew that people are passionate about their pizza, but we discovered that Americans are very passionate about potholes,” said Dani Bulger, public relations representative for Domino’s.

The cities hosted Paving for Pizza parties once the potholes were repaired, and the paving crews enjoyed free pizza that is now protected from rustling about in the box on rough roads.

“The response from this program has been outstanding,” Bulger said, “but at this time we do not have any plans to repeat it.”



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