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A Taste Test to Remember, Any Way You Slice It

According to the New York Times, “We know that when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore. But what is it when a gaggle of Madison Avenue mavens gather for a taste test of more than a dozen varieties of pizza pie?”

“The taste test took place on Wednesday afternoon at the New York office of the Martin Agency, which has its headquarters in Richmond, Va. Because Mike Hughes, the agency’s president and co-chief creative officer, is spending more time in New York, he said he wanted to find out first-hand the answer to an age-old question: What is the best New York pizza? Mr. Hughes invited executives from Martin, other agencies, industry organizations and even journalists who cover the industry to recommend their favorite New York pizzas. Fourteen of the pizzas made it to a table in a conference room at the Martin New York office, on Fifth Avenue near Union Square. Among the pizzas was one from Pizza Hut, a new Martin client. Asked if he made sure to include Pizza Hut, Mr. Hughes replied, laughing, ‘You bet I did.’ Truth be told, the Pizza Hut “everything” pie was not sampled as much as some of the pizza from locally based pizzerias. Among the favorites were the Shroomtown from Il Posto, the Sorrentino from Coppola’s, the Dude from Two Boots and the clam pizza from Lombardi’s. There were also offerings from K! Pizzacone of, yes, pizza in a cone, which were not getting much play.”