A Taste of Italy: Il Villino

Enthusiasm, simplicity and authenticity are the main ingredients of Erica Bettinelli’s personal success, and the success of her brainchild, Il Villino.

Nestled among green trees, at the foot of Bergamo’s mountains, in a setting that borders on the fairy-tale, the restaurant Erica’s Little Villa (Il Villino d’Erica) gives an air of natural simplicity because of its culinary fare and also its ambience. It’s not necessary to go into the dining areas in order to understand the amount of almost maternal care given by its owner to each and every aspect of this place. From the background research done for the preparation of each dish to the table settings, it’s all carefully done down to each detail, with an almost geometric precision.

Only 50 seats are available, in order to keep things well under control and to serve each guest in the best possible way. Attention to detail shows the mission of this restaurateur, and this attention is given to all raw materials, such as flour, vegetables, wine and condiments; each product used is organically grown. Here, the idea of conservationism is given homage.

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