According to a news report from, “She couldn’t have been less surprised. Which wasn’t a shock considering all the neighbors standing nearby holding cell phone cameras, and the television news vans parked at her front curb. And so it was a little anticlimactic when Lions wide receiver Roy Williams knocked on Tiffany Marchyok’s front door Tuesday evening. Williams was holding a pepperoni pizza. He was wearing a windbreaker with “Pizza Hut” emblazoned on the back.”

“You’re the one who doesn’t tip, right?” Marchyok said as she swung open her screen door. He was at her house in Dearborn, delivering a pizza, trying to make up for being famously cheap,” said the story. “A company executive in Dallas had challenged Williams to deliver pizzas for an afternoon when he got wind of Williams’ penchant for stiffing pizza delivery people. (Williams said he assumed the gratuity was included in the bill.) So here he was on a rainy day in metro Detroit, one of the best receivers in the NFL, riding around handing out pizzas, taking a ribbing from the likes of Marchyok — and a couple of fans who stood on her front lawn urging her loudly not to tip.”

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