The New York Times reports, “A lot of pizzeria managers say their pies are different from those the other guys make. But John Ausiello, manager of Tomato Pie in Morristown, may have a better claim than most. ‘You see one of our pies and it’s clear they’re pretty not-regular,’ Mr. Ausiello, 35, said.”

“That’s because the 100-seat restaurant, with simple décor and long banquettes, is in the business of making tomato pies, which, while pizzalike, are not exactly pizzas. To begin with, a tomato pie ($12 for a 14-inch; $15 for a 16-inch) does not have traditional sauce; only fresh ground tomatoes are used. ‘Also, unlike with a regular pizza, the cheese on our pies goes on the first layer,’ Mr. Ausiello said. ‘The tomatoes are on top.” So do the usual toppings like anchovies and onions ($2 for the first add-on; $1 for each additional one).”



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