""According to Las Vegas Weekly, “since we’re celebrating pizza in the Las Vegas Valley, we thought to ourselves, what better way to really commemorate the occasion than with our very own custom Las Vegas Weekly pizza, one that reflects its content as well as its attitude?”

“We enlisted the help of John Arena, co-owner of much-beloved local chain Metro Pizza and self-described ‘professor of pizza,’ who was more than up to the challenge. A devotee of food history, Arena offered the following observation: ‘The creation of food dishes to honor or represent people, events and entities has a precedent dating back to Roman times. While many so-called traditionalists in town may scoff at the idea of featuring a pizza that represents the Weekly, the venerable pizza margherita was created to replicate the flag of a newly unified Italy and flatter the wife of King Umberto on a visit to Napoli.’”

“True, we’re not royalty, but we’ve always wanted a pizza named after us. With that in mind, we proudly present the Las Vegas Weekly pizza:

1. Just like us, it’s diverse in its content.

2. Between its twin covers this pizza is crammed with a “liberal” assortment of toppings along with a generous helping of—what else?—cheese.

3. Of course, once you dig in you’ll find plenty of meat inside, including Genoa salami, for just the right touch of spice.

4. To make sure there’s something for everyone, we’ve added a balance of fresh vegetables, and it’s all topped with a hot and zesty tomato sauce.

5. Since our magazine offers weighty topics, the Las Vegas Weekly pizza in its largest version tops out at 7 pounds! Bring either a hearty appetite or lots of friends to help out.

The Las Vegas Weekly pizza is available immediately at any Metro Pizza location and will be advertised at the door, at the register and on the tables (you can also order one off the company’s website). The price is $12.50 for a small and $26.95 for a large. In addition, Metro Pizza will donate $2 from every Las Vegas Weekly pizza sold from now until December 31 to feed the homeless this holiday season. A great pizza for a worthy cause—kinda hard to lose on this one, isn’t it?”

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