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A calculated risk: Owners transform Village Inn Pizza Parlor into Old Hickory Steakhouse in bid to revive business

According to a news report from, “Tom and Robin Ifantis decided to stop tossing pizza dough and start grilling steaks after nearly five years of dwindling profits at their restaurant.”

“Increased competition and rising food costs hurt their cash flow,” said the story. “After we paid everybody, and there was nothing left for us,” Tom said. “We said, ‘That’s it.'” So last October, the Ifantises spent close to $300,000 to remodel their Village Inn Pizza Parlor on Old Hickory Boulevard and reopen as Old Hickory Steakhouse five months later. The decision not to just remodel, but remake the restaurant took more than two years. The Ifantises struggled on a new theme, worried about the atmosphere, wondered what type of food to serve, and considered whether changing the restaurant was the right decision. Adding to the dilemma, the Ifantises, who bought Village Inn Pizza, didn’t finish recouping the purchase price and original remodeling expenses until 2006.”

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