Featuring the latest technology and product innovations for breads, pastry, confectionery, fresh pasta and pizza, and dedicated to the dissemination of superior knowledge for professionals of the industry with a view to ever raising their competitive edge and profits, A.B. Tech Expo and A.B. Tech Pizza Expo, the two venues expressly founded for the industry are due to open at Fieramilano, Rho, 5 thru 9 May 2007. The event is expected to prove a major opportunity for the business community seeking to gauge the many aspects of a complex and diversified market presented in a comprehensive manner and ideal ambience.
The sheer breadth of exhibiting companies lined up at A.B. Tech Expo and A.B. Tech Pizza Expo testifies to the prominence of the event and the large audience expected, and estimated on the basis of on-going pre-registration numbers, is set to turn the show into an all-out success for participants and the industry alike.
The event prides itself in the vast range of machinery, installations and ovens lined up for the visitors to assess, compare and see operating. Leading machinery manufacturers on the global market account for no less than 80% of total exhibitors, among them Afa Tomassini, Bake Off Italiana, Bertuetti, Bianchi Rapida, Castel Mac, CO.LI.P, Doge, Esmach, Europa, Gami, Gulliver, Jeremy, Logiudice Forni, Mimac Italia, Officine Meccaniche Pietro Berto, Rondo, Salva Industrial, Sancassiano, Seewer, Sigma, Sottoriva, Tagliavini, Tecnopool, Trivi, Turri F.lli, Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik Italia. This impressive rostrum features the principal international manufacturers of machinery and equipment for baked goods industries.
The show also features ingredients heavy weights, such as Puratos Italia and Unigrà-Bread Line, Molino Grassi, Molino Pagani, Molino A. Colombo, Molino MVM.
There is no end to advances in bakery, pastry, confectionery, fresh pasta and pizza technology. Progress is constantly fuelled by market forces and spurred on by bakers, pastry cooks, confectioners, pizza- and fresh pasta-makers themselves, in a bid to keep abreast of a diversified and ever-changing clientele. Visitors at A.B. Tech Expo and A.B. Tech Pizza Expo will get a chance to assess high-tech exhibits and a wide range of machinery. This trade show it’s a great opportunity to offer visitors from the world over a single event ensuring high returns on time and cost to comparison shop among machinery operating in front of you.
A.B. Tech Expo and A.B. Tech Pizza Expo visitors can expect only the very best. Also, a vast promotion campaign, inclusive of 210,000 mailed invitations and fast-growing online pre-registration point to a major turnout. In addition, the coincidence with Tuttofood – Milan World Food Exhibition – the international food fair held on the same premises at Fieramilano, will bring together superior technology, baked goods industries operatives, as well as buyers and catering and restaurant professionals, and the modern retail community from all regions of the world.

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