US Pizza Team

9th Tuscan Championship Pizza Classica

June 18 & 19, more than 30 pizza makers and acrobats gathered in the rustic Borgo Colleoli Resort in Tuscany to celebrate pizza classica and other art forms at the 9th annual Tuscan Pizza Classica Championship.  

The event was organized by Master Pizza Maker Angelo Petrone aka Lucullus with the PizzArte Academy of Pontedera (Pisa) and the Independent Consulting Group The championship aims to promote the use of local ingredients from Tuscany and enhance the image of pizza makers everywhere.   

Competition categories included Classica, Gourmet, Alternative, Peel, Pan, Gluten-Free, Largest Dough Stretch, Fastest Pizza Maker and Free-style Acrobatics. The Polselli competition included Alternative Dough Types and Pizza Classica. 

The winner of the prestigious Polselli Prize went to Hajri Baci (pictured) from pizzeria la Ventola in Cecina. Winners of the other categories included: Ciro Sasso, Luca D’Amato, Mattia Paone, Antonio Campanella, Gabriele Dani, Alessandro Botta, Andrea Nolfo, Sulaj Ilir, Marco Iovane, Sonia Mariani, Massimiliano Stamerra, Marino Francesco, Rocco Cagliostro and Vincenzo Carpentieri. 

The PizzArte institute combines Pizza and Art. In the two days of pizza competitions, participants also enjoyed tastings, performances, dancing and lyrical music in the medieval resort. Foreign guests visiting for holiday also took part in the celebration.

PizzaArte would like to thank:

Molino Polselli, Gi.Metal, Rinaldi, Gustarosso, Castelli Group, Valoriani, L'impero, Aringhieri

Judging panel 
Ornela Gjoni (Marketing), Marianna Somma (Napolinews), Ersilia Cacace (L’Occhio di Napoli), Lorenzo Giglioli (Chef), Francesco Esposito (Instructor), Antonio Polzella (Restaurateur), Lorena Rossin (Pasta e Gusto)

Staff Members 
Tania, Manila, Alessandra, Simone, Letizia, Federico, Chiara, Speaker Enrico Bianchini, all collaborators and participants, the management of Borgo Colleoli Resort, Chef Camillo Contardi and Architect Nathan Petrone & Partners