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7 Crazy Ways to Deliver Pizza

Delivering pizza the traditional way can be hard enough at times, but we continue to run across those who go out of their way to bring pizza to the people.

During a recent episode of Megyn Kelly Today, the show featured Jules Undersea Lodge in Key West, Florida, where pizza is delivered via an underwater scuba diver. Guests call the front desk from their underwater abode, a pizza is delivered from a nearby pizzeria to a man in a scuba suit, and the pizza is taken underwater to the hungry guests inside a protective case that's weighed down to keep the pizza–and its toppings–level under the water.

This isn't the first unusual delivery we've heard of, though. Remember the guy in Traverse City, Michigan, who delivers pizza via jet ski?

And what about Pizza Pi in the Virgin Islands? That happy boating couple also relishes in owning the highest-rated restaurant in St. Thomas!

Then, of course, there was the bungee jump pizza delivery, several drone deliveries, robots, and who can forget the attempted reindeer delivery?

I can't be sure if the example below is real or fake, since it's in Russian, but the dog is too cute not to include. I'm including it here as a bonus to the seven above. The video shows a Moscow pizzeria recruiting dogs for delivery. An interesting idea, for sure, but what happens when Fido gets hungry? Could he resist that yummy pizza box on his back?