500 Pound Mammoth Cheddar Carved into a Caputo Christmas Scene

""Lake Forest, Ill. (December 20, 2010) – Caputo Cheese Market was the site of a cheese carving spectacular on Saturday, December 18th. Onlookers watched as Sarah Kaufmann, “The Cheese Lady,” carved a Caputo Christmas scene into a 500 pound wheel of Henning’s Wisconsin Cheddar.  

Sarah started carving at the Caputo Cheese Market at 7am on Saturday and continued throughout the day until the store closed. As she carved, she explained to interested spectators the specific virtues of the cheddar she was working with, along with her personal artistic cheese history. Store customers watched as Sarah carved a Caputo sleigh, pulled by cow reindeer, carrying Santa Claus and lots of cheese.

“Most of our customers have never seen a 500lb Cheddar,” explained Nat Caputo, President of Caputo Cheese Market.  “So, carving Santa Claus into it not only doubled the excitement but also the amount of trimmings we were all able to sample.”    

Sarah Kaufmann, originally from Wisconsin, received a degree in Commercial Art in Madison, WI and started her career working as Art Director for the American Dairy Association of Wisconsin and then moved on to Creative Director for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. She did her first cheese carving in 1981 and began freelance cheese sculpting in 1996. Many of her first creations were mainly for trade and consumer promotions.

Sarah has carved from ten and forty-pound blocks to 500-pound wheels, and a monstrous 12,500-pound cheddar mammoth. She has carved everything from a 120-pound Mickey Mouse to a six-foot long Aircraft Carrier for the USS Regan. She has also carved many well known television celebrities and sports stars, including Jay Leno, Katie Couric, Jon Madden and Joe Nuxhall. She was even in Chicago to carve for the Blackhawks after they won the 2010 Stanley Cup. According to Sarah, the thing she finds herself carving the most are footballs!  

Visit the Caputo Cheese Market in Lake Forest to see Sarah’s creation on display and purchase some of the delectable cheddar from the wheel she carved.

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