The latest iteration of 50 Top Pizza’s rankings of the best pizzerias in the U.S. has been released. Remaining at the top of the list for a third consecutive year was Una Pizza Napoletana, Anthony Mangieri’s iconic restaurant in Manhattan. 

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, founded by Tony Gemignani, moved up two spots from last year, checking in at No. 2. Rounding out the top five was Pizzeria Beddia (Philadelphia), Ribalta (New York City) and Ken’s Artisan Pizza (Portland, Oregon).

One of the notable omissions from the list was Pizzeria Bianco, previously an annual fixture on the list that had been ranked as high as #5 by 50 Top Pizza in 2023. No other pizzeria in the top 15 of last year’s list completely fell out of the rankings. 

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Chris Bianco holds a baked pizza on a screen close to his face and peers one it at the camera.

Pizzeria Bianco was, however, included in a new list that 50 Top Pizza released this year, called “Excellent Pizzeria.” Forty different pizzerias made that list, including former 50 Top Pizza entrants like Apizza Scholls and Yellow Moto Pizzeria. It was not entirely clear whether the 40 restaurants named in the “Excellent Pizzeria” list are to be thought of as the 40 “next best” pizzerias, or if the list uses entirely separate criteria.

Some of the “Excellent Pizzeria” restaurants included 550 Pizzeria in Laredo, Texas, owned by Janet Zapata and featured on PMQ’s August 2022 cover, and U.S. Pizza Team member Ali Haider’s 786 Degrees in Los Angeles, which made PMQ’s November 2017 cover. Flour + Water Pizzeria, owned by Thomas McNaughton and Ryan Pollnow and spotlighted on PMQ’s cover in January 2024, earned the honor as well.

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Meanwhile, Mangieri, who launched his own line of frozen Neapolitan pizzas last year, appeared on PMQ’s April 2024 cover. “In a country always accustomed to putting everything on pizza, Anthony proposes only the purest tradition in toppings, with extraordinary quality ingredients,” 50 Top Pizza stated.

Alongside the two lists, 50 Top Pizza announced a series of awards. GRANA in Portland, Oregon—rated No. 27 on this year’s list—was named “One to Watch 2024.” GRANA is a husband-and-wife-owned pizzeria that opened last fall after spending two years as a pop-up operation. 

Giorgia Caporuscio, owner and operator of Don Antonio NYC, won “Pizza Maker of the Year 2024.” Another recent PMQ Pizza cover star, Caporuscio recently took over the restaurant from her father, Roberto. Roberto’s original restaurant, Kesté, also made this year’s list, checking in at No. 16. 

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Other award winners included: 

New Entry of the Year: Pizzeria Beddia (#3)

Best Fried Food: La Leggenda (#9)

Pizza of the Year: Mission Impossible by Tony’s Pizza Napoletana (#2)

Performance of the Year: Robert’s Pizza Company (#10) 

Best Pasta Proposal: Partenope Ristorante (#12)

Best Dessert List: Una Pizza Napoletana (#1)

Best Beer Service: Zeneli (#37)

Green Oven: Ken’s Artisan Pizza (#5)

Here’s a look at the full list of the top 50 U.S. pizzerias chosen by the Italian organization:

1. Una Pizza Napoletana – New York, NY

2. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, CA

3. Pizzeria Beddia – Philadelphia, PA

4. Ribalta – New York, NY

5. Ken’s Artisan Pizza – Portland, OR

6. Jay’s – Kenmore, NY

7. Don Antonio – New York, NY

8. Pizzeria Sei – Los Angeles, CA

9. La Leggenda – Miami, FL

10. Robert’s – Chicago, IL

11. ‘O Munaciello – Miami, FL

12. Partenope Ristorante – Dallas, TX

13. Razza Pizza Artigianale – Jersey City, NJ

14. Pasquale’s – South Kingstown, RI

15. Song’ E Napule – New York, NY

16. Kesté – New York, NY

17. Ops – New York, NY

18. Fabrica Pizza – Tampa, FL

19. Pizza Secret – New York, NY

20. Flour House – San Luis Obispo, CA

21. Mission Pizza Napoletana – Winston-Salem, NC

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22. Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana – Darnestown, MD

23. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria – Chicago, IL

24. Il Forno – San Antonio, TX

25. Coals Artisan Pizza – Louisville, KY

26. Nardò – Huntington Beach, CA

27. GRANA – Portland, OR

28. Pizza Rock – Las Vegas, NV

29. Bricco Coal Fired Pizza – Haddon Township, NJ

30. Nostrana – Portland, OR

31. Valentina’s – Madison, AL

32. Craft 64 – Scottsdale, AZ

33. Spark Pizza – Redmond, WA

34. Salsa – New York, NY

35. Antico Pizza Napoletana – Atlanta, GA

36. Tribute Pizza – San Diego, CA

37. Zeneli – New Haven, CT

38. Pizza Delicious – New Orleans, LA

39. Pasquale Jones – New York, NY

40. Pomo – Scottsdale, AZ

41. Posto – Somerville, MA

42. Truly Pizza – Dana Point

43. Pizza Baby – Charlotte, NC

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44. Pizzeria Florian – East Aurora, NY

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45. DØUBLE ZERØ PIE & PUB – Las Vegas, NV

46. Penelope Pizza – Tucson, AZ

47. Coda Di Volpe – Chicago, IL

48. Si Cara – Cambridge, MA

49. Marco’s Coal Fired – Denver, CO

50. San Matteo – New York, NY

50. Angeli’s Pizzeria – Baltimore, MD

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