5 Useful Pizza Valentine Gifts

I've received–and purchased–plenty of pizza-themed items over the last decade. Many of them sit on my desk and make me happy. Others get used on a regular basis, helping to spread the joy of (and craving for) pizza to others.

So for Valentine's Day, if you're thinking of getting the pizza lover in your life a pizza-themed gift, maybe steer clear of the plush pizza and the pizza pool raft (it's not exactly pool weather), and consider a few of the following gift ideas.

Pizza Phone Charger

Pizza phone chargers come in all shapes and sizes. They make rechargeable phone banks that keep your phone charged when you're away from an outlet, or traditional ones that let you show off in airports and other public places. "Pardon me, sir, I need to plug in my pizza."

(Photo: Amazon)

Pizza Socks

Who doesn't need a pair of socks? Hello! Even the grumpiest person smiles when they see pizza socks.  

(Photo: Amazon)

Pizza Wallet or Pizza Coin Purse

Pizza ain't free, so you're going to need a way to carry around some cash or credit cards. I actually own the coin purse below, and while I don't always pull it out to pay for pizza (unfortunately), it does get shown off a lot.

(Photo: Amazon)

Winter Pizza Hat

It's cold out there, and Punxsutawney Phil says it's not going to be over anytime soon. If you need a hat to keep you warm, choose something understated that still says, "Hey, if you wanna grab a slice, I'm your guy."

(Photo: Amazon)

Pizza Shoes

That's right! If you have the meatballs to wear pizza shoes, you are truly dedicated to pizza. You'll probably get stopped in the street for wearing these shoes, and that's OK. Wear them with pride and share the pizza love.

(Photo: Amazon)


Disclaimer: Using all of these items at the same time on the same day may result in a hiccup in the space-pizza continuum. Please proceed with caution.