5 Things Friday: Ways to ‘Wing It’ for the Super Bowl

“Remember the great Buffalo Chicken Wing Shortage of 2009? Yeah, neither do we. Even so, some food industry types are predicting that we could see a similar shortage during this year’s Super Bowl. Figures from Bloomberg.com show that wholesale prices for wings sold by processors in Georgia, the biggest chicken-producing state, are up 52 percent in the past year, while whole birds rose just a little over 6.2 percent. And 3.5 percent fewer birds were slaughtered this year than in 2011.”

“This fowl-less play may force cooks to, ahem, “wing it” when it comes to their Super Bowl buffets.The good news: There are plenty of buffalo wing-like options, which will still offer the trademark celery-and-hot sauce-laced zing of the real thing.”