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4 Crazy Pizza Crimes

In our perusal of the daily pizza news, there's always a bit of crazy that floats to the top.

While we try to shield you as best we can from the negativity, sometimes weird pizza news is too tempting not to share. Clearly the people below do not love pizza like you or me, or they would be eating it and not using it as a weapon. 


In Troy, Michigan, a man has reported to police that vandals have dumped pizza and pizza boxes on his Jeep in the middle of the night—three times! (Photo: Pixabay)

In Minneapolis, a pizza hater who some are calling the pizza bandit has taken pizza slices and wedged them over motion sensors to stop a neighbor’s light from turning on. (Photo: Twitter)

Some bloke over in the UK has been tossing dozens of pizza crusts into a duck pond for no apparent reason. (Photo: Jennifer Shannon)

And finally, we loved the fan backlash that stemmed from actress Billie Piper throwing a pizza on the floor during an episode of “Collateral.” (Photo: Twitter)