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3 Out-Of-The-Box Pizzas From Domino’s Nigeria

Pizza in Nigeria is a big deal. It’s so sought after, some members of high society even call in pizza orders from London to be delivered hours later. Audu Ogbeh, Minister of Agriculture recently explained the “annoying situation” to Nigeria’s parliment.

In response to Nigeria’s overwhelming love for pizza, Domino’s Nigeria has recently come out with a revamped menu. Their menu items appeal to all classes of society: the frugal, the well-to-do and those who really like BBQ sauce.

“As a brand, we listen to our customers … We welcome our customers to explore our new pizzas and begin to find new favorites in them,” said Marketing Manager Ilyas Kazeem at Domino’s Pizza Nigeria.

Here are the top 3 innovations pizza lovers can find at their local Nigerian Domino’s:

1. The Smallie Pizza

The Smallie Pizza was introduced a few months before the menu revamp. It was created with the idea that pizza should be accessible to everyone.

“What we want to achieve with the Smallie Pizza is for every Nigerian to be able to afford quality pizza, just whenever they feel like it. We want to be as close enough to our consumers as possible with the new Smallie Pizza,” said Kazeem.

The 6-inch pizza is considerably smaller than Domino’s 10-inch small pizza. The Smallie is served in a pizza box which proudly boasts its tagline “Small But Mighty.”

The cost of a Smallie will run you ₦550 which is just about US$1.50.

2. The Chairman Pizza

The Chairman is the exact opposite of the Smallie Pizza. Forget modest portions at the lowest price imaginable. The Chairman is part of the brand new Taste the Xtra Menu which is “loaded with Xtra flavors, Xtra cheese and Xtra toppings,” according to Marketing Manager Ilyas Kazeem.

The Chairman is an impressive 16 inches – two inches larger than Domino’s regular large pizza. It is the one and only sized pizza at Domino’s Nigeria which is served in a black and gold pizza box.

The tagline is “Specially crafted for the Oga in you. ” Oga is a word meaning “boss” in Nigeria. Ordering the chairman will make you feel like one.

chairman extra large pizza domino's nigeria

3. The BBQ Burst Pizza

The BBQ Burst Pizza is stuffed with BBQ sauce, so each each bite is oozing with intense flavor. It definitely brings the “Xtra flavors” Domino’s Nigeria promised with their new menu. Check out all its melty goodness in the video below.