27 Toronto Area Pizza Hut Restaurants choose DELIVER Plus

SAINT ALBANS, WV, April 3, 2007: Five Toronto area Pizza Hut franchisees announced today their selection of DELIVER Plus as the new POS provider for their Pizza Hut restaurants.   The five franchisees own a combined 27 restaurants in the Toronto area, and are replacing their outdated SUS/FMS systems before year’s end.  The first 5 installations are scheduled for the first week in May.

“We have done extensive research on all the available POS systems over the past 4 months and have come to the conclusion that DELIVER Plus provides the best value and best fit for our restaurants,” said Alnoor Gulamani, Vice President-Operations for SME Pizza, one of the largest Toronto area franchisees.  “DELIVER Plus  We also have the world’s leading computer company, Dell, supplying the majority of our hardware and providing on-site maintenance.” has been providing Pizza Hut specific solutions longer than many of the other companies have been in business, and we have the flexibility to use either touch screen or character based stations to reduce costs.