2007 RedBrick Pizza’s Charity Cafe(TM) Benefits Families of Wounded War Vets

PALMDALE, Calif., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ — RedBrick Pizza Worldwide and franchisees, nationwide, have partnered with Operation Helping Hands to help raise funds to assist the families of wounded war veterans this holiday season.

Starting October 1, and running through December 31, 2007, a portion of all sales on Tuesday nights from participating locations will be donated to Operation Helping Hands.

“We were moved by the great work that this organization is doing and the impact they are having on these families, who have gone through so much,” said James Minidis, president and co-founder of RedBrick Pizza. “We wanted to help make the holidays a little brighter for these seriously injured soldiers returning from serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. Having their loved ones with them at this time is so very important.”

“By simply enjoying a delicious fire-roasted gourmet pizza at a nearby RedBrick Pizza Cafe on Tuesdays in October, November and December, our loyal patrons will be assisting ‘Helping Hands’ support our troops,” stated Minidis. “I hope everyone will join us and contribute to this important cause.”

Operation Helping Hands is a program sponsored by Military Officers Association of America that provides support to the families of war veterans recuperating at the VA’s Tampa Medical Center where many of our most severely injured soldiers are sent to recover from spinal and head injuries, amputations and other traumatic injuries.

Families who wish to be close to their loved ones often face financial hardship during the months required for rehabilitation. Operation Helping Hands steps in to provide assistance with day-to-day expenses, such as food, transportation and lodging that are not covered by the government. The group received a Newman’s Own Foundation Award for the exceptional job it has done in aiding military families.

The Charity Cafe(TM) program is a cooperative effort of RedBrick Pizza Worldwide, its franchisees and master developers nationwide, established as a way for the company to give back and support various community efforts.

For more information on the Charity Cafe(TM) program or RedBrick Pizza Worldwide, visit http://www.redbrickpizza.com/.

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