1739 Public House’s Pizza Promotion

According to a news report from, “People don’t usually turn down free pizza,” says Sara Dillan, the sprightly bartender in cutoff jeans shorts at a new Los Feliz bar called 1739 Public House.”

“The pizza Dillan speaks of is thin-crusted, moistened with tangy tomato sauce and sprinkled liberally enough with gooey cheese. An individual pie is served on good-sized dinner plates free to anyone ordering alcohol between 3 and 7 p.m. weekdays,” said the story.

“Needless to say, the pizza ploy seems to have worked. The bar, which is aiming for an English pub-type vibe but instead hits an odd decorative note that could best be described as “mod French tavern,” attracts a steady stream of hungry happy-hour drinkers. Most people approaching the long, lacquered red bar use similar, nonchalant tactics: They eye the row of beer taps (40 total, including Delirium and Chimay), pretend to study the menu, order a drink, clear their throats and say, “I guess I’ll take the free pizza,” according to the article.

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