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15 bucket-list pizzerias to visit before you die

What are the 15 pizzerias you would want to enjoy before you die?

That's the question that raises with its panel of pizza geeks, editors and bloggers  The web site asks: What is the domestic and international scope of pizza, and which places (like The Cheese Board Collective, pictured at left) best define its various styles? More than just taste or selecting “the best,” how do we consider the full experience of going to a pizzeria—and which deserve a place on your bucket list?'s esteemed panel includes: Adam Kuban, proprietor of Margot’s Pizza pop-up. You may also know him as the founder of the now-defunct pizza blog Slice, or as one of FWF’s 20 Greatest Food Bloggers of All Time. Other panel member among the team of 13 are Jonathan Porter, who runs Chicago Pizza Tours and Scott Wiener, founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours, author of Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box.

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