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Webinars And Live Chats

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Past EventsWebinars and Live Chats

The Chef's Corner: Shawn Randazzo, Detroit Style Pizza Co.

Shawn Randazzo sits down in the Chef's Corner to talk about Detroit pies, competing and what inspires his creations from the Motor City!

The Chef's Corner: Leah Scurto

Leah Scurto of the U.S. Pizza Team sits down in the Chef's Corner to talk about competitions, winning, recipe creation, and dropping her first pie.

The Fight for Local Pizza

PMQ Publisher, Steve Green, and Founder and CEO of Slice, Ilir Sela, discuss the pizza industry and how independent pizzerias can compete with the help of technology.

The Chef's Corner: Chris Decker of Metro Pizza, Las Vegas

Chris Decker visits the Chef's Corner to tell us what it takes to shine in Las Vegas among all the pretty lights. He'll speak about marketing to locals and tourists, recipe creation and why his boss could beat the Karate Kid!

The Chef's Corner: Will Grant Video Interview

Will Grant of That's a Some Pizza sits down in the Chef's corner to talk sourdough crust, winning at pizza competitions, and proper beard maintenance.

The Chef's Corner: Mario Rizzotti

Test Chef Brian Hernandez was able to trap Chef Mario Rizzotti in the Chef's Corner to talk about culinary judging on national TV, traditional Italian food and his best memories of pizza.

The Chef's Corner: Scott Wiener Video Interview

Scott Wiener of Scott's Pizza Tours in New York sits down to tell PMQ Test Chef Brian Hernandez about how his love for pizza began, and his journey to being one of the most knowledgeable people in the pizza world that has never worked in pizza!

The Chef's Corner: Mick Mahan, Parma Pizzeria Napoletana

PMQ Test Chef Brian Hernandez sits down with Mick Mahan, owner and operator of Parma Pizzeria Napoletana in Thousand Oaks, CA. to talk about numerous pizza styles and their acceptance in California.

Does your restaurant need a Facebook makeover? 3 strategies to make more money by using social media

In our webinar, Christopher and the award-winning SMM International social media team will be reviewing PMQ's latest "Facebook Takeover" and the success lessons that will apply to your restaurant! Attend the webinar to learn the 3 strategies to making more money by using social media today - strategies that you can implement right away for guaranteed results! AND you don't want to miss this special bonus -- those who attend the webinar will qualify for a FREE Facebook Makeover!!

Chef's Corner: Chef Leo Spizzirri Full interview

Brian Hernandez sits down with Leo Spizzirri in the Chef's Corner and gets a run down on what it takes to be a successful chef, pizza maker and consultant in the industry.

Getting Started in Social Media Marketing

Bruce Irving of SmartPizzaMarketing.com walks you through the Do's and Dont's of using social media platforms to market your pizzerias.

Our Town America - Turning New Movers Into Loyal Customers

Our Town America is a 40+ year proven marketing franchise who can’t wait to help you lock out your local competitors and gain loyal customers every month.

PMQ Pizza Magazine's Wired Up/Fired Up Online Ordering Conference

PMQ Pizza Magazine hosted an Online Ordering conference at the 2015 Sofo Foods Expo. Five POS technology company experts shared information on why Online Ordering is a must-have revenue stream for any pizzeria.

PMQ Webinars - Bringing Italian Back to Pizza in America

Authenticity is a watchword for just about everyone in the restaurant business today, and the pizza industry is no exception. America's favorite New York-style pizza is so common and has been around for so long, that it is now experiencing a revival that is taking it back to its roots. We'll hear from two legends of the pizza business, John Arena of Metro Pizza in Las Vegas, NV and Giulio Adriani of SRO Speakeasy Pizzeria in NYC about how they're bringing Italian back to pizza in America.

PMQ Webinar: Gluten Free doesn't have to mean bad pizza

Mark Dym and Anthony Carron share their experience, advice, and tips for working with gluten free pizza in their pizzerias.

PMQ Webinars - Tomatoes of Naples

On April 8, PMQ hosted the Ciao Webinar on the tomatoes of Naples or “Il Pomodoro di Napoli.” The webinar featured Don Letendre of Famoso Pizza and Brad Otton of Sette Bello’s. This imformative program is all about Italian tomatoes and what they can do for you.

PMQ Live Chat with Dough Doctor Tom Lehmann

The Dough Doctor Tom Lehmann shares with PMQ viewers his expertise with over 50 years in the pizza industry.

The Niche New Mover Market The Secret to Establishing Customer Loyalty

In this webinar, Steve Sgroi and Michael Murphy of Our Town America will speak about the benefits of targeting new movers in your area and building customer loyalty.

PMQ Live Chat with Chef Bruno

PMQ hosts a live video chat with Chef Santo Bruno. With over 40 years of experience in the pizza industry, Chef Bruno shares his tips, tricks, and advice for pizza operators. Hosted by Steve Green and Brian Hernandez.

Live Chat with Peter Reinhart

In this PMQ Live Chat, we discuss trends of flour and dough with author and baking expert Peter Reinhart.
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