Three Ways to Give Your Frozen Pizza Dough a Flavor Boost

Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann suggests solutions to a common problem for smaller pizza shops.


Sometimes pizza crusts made from frozen dough can have a bland taste. If you’re looking for a way to give your frozen dough a flavor boost, there are several options, according to Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann.

1. Try a flavored oil.

The best approach is to season your crust with flavored oil. For example, a garlic-flavored or butter-flavored oil can be applied to the dough either before or after baking to impart a great flavor that may also set your pizzas apart from competitors.

2. Use a dry seasoning mix.

We’re talking about one of those packets of seasoning mix ordinarily used to make Italian salad dressing. Mix it in with olive oil, then brush it onto your dough or the finished crust to impart more flavor.

3. Consider sesame seeds and an egg white/water mix.

Lehmann says he has also seen pizza-makers mix a small amount of egg white in water and brush it on the dough edge before baking. They follow up by sprinkling sesame seeds on the dough’s edge, then dress the dough skin in the usual manner. If the crust is baked in a pan or on a solid disk, the sesame seeds can be sprinkled onto the pan/disk before the dough is placed. In that case, the seeds will be baked into the bottom of the crust, imparting a terrific nutty flavor to the finished crust.


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