Facebook Users Mooved to Tears and Outrage When Pizzeria Hangs Dead Cow From Its Ceiling

Etica Pizza Al Taglio in Adelaide, Australia, says the display is meant to “create thoughtful conversation” about animal rights.

A stuffed cow named Schvitzy hangs from the ceiling of an Australian pizzeria to remind customers of the “realities of the dairy industry.”


A pizzeria in Adelaide, Australia, showed its support for animal rights by hanging a dead cow from the ceiling of the restaurant, sparking debate and outrage on social media.

The owners of Etica Pizza Al Taglio, which has only been open for three months, explained in a Facebook statement that the display was “purposely confronting” and meant to “create thoughtful conversation.”

The cow, a stuffed black-and-white Friesian-Hereford cross, dangles by its hind legs from the ceiling, looming above the dining area, as a reminder of the “origins of our food.”

“Etica was created to promote animal welfare,” the post reads. “This means that we work hard to select produce sourced from farms with the highest welfare standards. We never compromise on this … Etica has an agenda of authenticity and transparency. We understand that there is no kind way to kill an animal. As an animal welfarist institution, we ensure that the animals (and their products) we purchase are raised with care.”

The owners add that the display should “make consumers stop and think about the realities of the diary industry … We do not aim to influence on whether one should consume dairy, but, rather, we urge our consumers to understand the origin of their food in order to make a conscious decision on whether to eat it.”

The post goes on to mention the cow’s name and age—Schvitzy, 8 years old—and notes that “she has not been hung for decoration. The installation has a mission: It aims to draw a connection to the true consequence of consuming dairy.”

In response to the post, many Facebook users blasted Etica. One called the owners “deranged psychopaths,” while another condemned them for their “primitive caveman mentality.”

Under the name Shane Ervine, one poster wrote, “Wait up. You gave the innocent, once living being a name. Then you cut her throat and ate her flesh, and now you're hanging her carcass from the ceiling to make some connection to the dairy industry? I bet she also received hugs and kisses from children at one point in her life. She had no idea she would end up on someone's dinner plate, yet that's exactly what happened when you decided to kill her. You support the exploitation and slaughter of animals. You're not ethical.  You're no different [than] the other people in the animal exploitation and slaughter industry.”

Although Etica Pizza Al Taglio’s menu doesn’t seem to be available on its website, meats and dairy products feature prominently on the menu of a sister pizzeria, Etica Pizza Napoletana.


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