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September 2015

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Welcoming Groupon to the U.S. Pizza Team

With the backing of this highly respected global brand, the Groupon U.S. Pizza Team will soon become a name that will resonate with the public.

Product Spotlight – September 2015

Featuring spreadable bacon, gluten-free shells, animation videos and more.

Fresh Prosciutto Gluten-Free Pizza

DeIorio Foods serves up a gluten-free pie featuring prosciutto, baby spinach, black olives, ricotta and roasted sweet peppers.

Mom-and-Pop Shops Still the Real Deal

Exotic toppings abound at some pizzerias, but Chef Bruno advises smaller independents to stick with the classic recipes.

A unique menu and a strong commitment to the community has paid off for Wild West Pizza & Grill.

As the new sheriff in town, David Goldy transformed a struggling pizza shop with a bad reputation into a western-themed pizza mecca.

Looking for a new approach to restaurant POS? Learn how to get the most out of your SaaS programs.

Software as a Service can save you money, but you should keep a close eye on your subscriptions.

Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann explains how to make sure your pizza dough is properly mixed.

Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann explains how to make sure your pizza dough is properly mixed.

License to advertise: Discover the marketing power of your delivery vehicles.

It’s a proven fact that pizzeria orders increase when a delivery vehicle sporting advertising signage drives through a neighborhood.

Text appeal: Here’s how to build your mobile fan base and craft text messages that keep followers hooked.

Studies show that 95% of text messages are read by consumers within four minutes of receipt. There’s no better way to reach your customers.

National Pizza Month: 10 ways to win in October!

Win back lost customers and generate goodwill in the community with these National Pizza month promotions.

Pizzeria operators who add gluten-free crusts to their menus can attract an entirely new segment of loyal customers.

Alternative flours and high-quality premade crusts create new moneymaking opportunities for pizzeria operators targeting the gluten-free crowd.

Photographing pizza can be a complicated process, but these 6 snappy tips will help you nail the shot.

With the rise of social media, it’s more important than ever to wow customers with picture-perfect food photography.

Making money made simple by MPP Marketing Group.

Give your customers a reason to choose you for lunch or dinner today.

Solve your table space problem with Pizza Butler.

With Pizza Butler’s unique “Z” pattern design, the amount of space needed for your pizza is cut in half.

Is online ordering another hand in your pocket? It doesn’t have to be.

OrderSnapp offers a commission-free, all-in-one digital ordering system for pizzerias.

From Boston to Shanghai, the PMQ crew is always on a mission to uncover new moneymaking ideas and document milestone events.

PMQ visits with Colony Foods, hosts the Western Pizza Summit and gears up for the Chinese Pizza Championship at FHC China.

For pizzerias, vacuum performance and durability are crucial.

Designed for foodservice, the ProVac FS 6 is reliable, durable and easy for young employees to use.

Missy Green explores how Da Portare Via, a popular pizzeria in the Netherlands, excels in efficiency and service.

PMQ’s international correspondent reviews 5 smart techniques used by this Dutch pizzeria to create a better customer experience.
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