Idea Zone: September 2013

RedShift Offers Voice-Enabled Technology for Apps

The next giant step in online pizza ordering is here! RedShift, a company that specializes in voice recognition technology, is making it easier—and faster—for customers to order pizza online or with smart devices. The technology is available to pizzeria companies—whether chains or independents—looking to improve their mobile apps and make them more customer-friendly.

Using a pizzeria app with RedShift’s voice recognition technology, customers can simply speak their orders into their smart devices, and the transaction is completed in seconds.  Customers do not need to download any special software—they can simply download their RedShift-enabled mobile app and start speaking their pizza order. RedShift’s service is similar to Apple’s Siri, but RedShift takes the information-sharing process a step further and puts the customer in command. If your pizzeria uses RedShift’s speech recognition engine, customers could launch your mobile app and immediately begin speaking their pizza orders and complete the online transaction. RedShift’s technology can also make the ordering process safer, as orders can be completed in a mobile environment without the customer having to take his hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

RedShift’s voice recognition technology works with smartphones, tablets and even desktop computers. It allows customers to place any type of order, including half orders, appetizers and specialty pizzas. Even customized pizza orders will be recognized with accuracy. The service can also be customized to offer upsell options such as soda and breadsticks.

Even though every pizzeria solution is customized, the cost is very affordable. After a one-time setup fee, pricing is based on pay-by-performance. Your voice-enabled app can be up and running within 30 days. Each pizzeria will receive a customized voice recognition solution designed specifically for its menu and needs. RedShift can also accommodate pizzerias that run weekly specials or make frequent menu changes; simply let them know about the changes, and they can convert your specials or add new menu items almost instantaneously.

As more customers embrace voice technology, they will expect your mobile app to be voice-enabled. It enhances the customer experience and, thus, boosts online revenue. It makes your mobile app easier to use, which drives customer frequency within your target audience. Finally, it’s perfect for companies that are currently designing a mobile app and for companies looking to add voice recognition to an existing mobile app.

For details on RedShift’s voice recognition technology, call 720-884-6853, visit or send an email to To view a demonstration, visit

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