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September 2013

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Making the Most of Mozzarella

Jeff Zeak explains how to manage your mozzarella supply.

A pair of pint-sized pizzathletes are spinning their way to global fame.

Thanks to their dough-spinning skills, Michael and Nicholas Testa have met some of the world’s top celebrity chefs.

DeLucia's Brick Oven Pizza

This New Jersey restaurant has thrived with the same pizza recipe for nearly a century.

Offering a signature sausage can set your pizzeria apart and make sales soar

Whether you make it in-house or buy it from a supplier, the right sausage can make your pizzeria a true destination.

Product Spotlight - September 2013

Deck ovens, pizza peels, phone systems and more

Online Ordering company spotlight

Visit these vendors to get the best deals on setting up online ordering for your operation.

Pizza of the Month: Tropical BBQ Chicken Pizza

Chicken-based pizzas combine all the nutritional benefits of poultry with loads of flavor.

Learn how to design and promote your own app for maximum success

Apps for mobile devices are quickly becoming a must-have marketing tool for pizzerias.

Pizzeria operators are discovering new ways to profit from the online ordering trend.

Online ordering puts customers in the driver’s seat – and can boost ticket averages by up to 20%.

Pasta Fagioli

Chef Bruno shares his secret recipe for a classic Italian soup.

Idea Zone: September 2013

RedShift Offers Voice-Enabled Technology for Apps

The App Revolution: Resistance Is Futile

Smartphones and tablets are changing the way we market our products and services today.

Generating Accurate Daily Sales Reports

Protect the integrity of your POS data and prevent discrepancies that could cause trouble at tax time.
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