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1. Michael J. Rasmussen
This issue: Tracking and Measuring Marketing Promotions.
article 77 %
2. Accounting Specialist Mike Rasmussen talks surviving in a tough economy
Owner of Rasmussen Tax Group, Mike Rasmussen discusses the best ways to survive a tough economy.
article 73 %
3. Bank loan assistance and state payroll taxes
Michael Rasmussen provides valuable tips about bank loans and payroll tax breaks.
article 71 %
4. Second opinions and credit card fees
Mike Rasmussen answers two of your most common accounting questions.
article 71 %
5. Hiding from Uncle Sam
Mike Rasmussen explains why even small operators need to be careful when trying to “outsmart” the IRS.
article 71 %
6. Professional ethics and saving taxes
Michael Rasmussen answers your questions about business ethics.
article 71 %
7. Per Diem Rates and Processing Fees
Mike Rasmussen shares expert tips on deducting travel expenses and dealing with credit card processors.
article 71 %
8. Simplifying Home Office Deductions
Mike Rasmussen explains the IRS’ new “safe-harbor” method for deducting home office expenses.
article 71 %
9. Reporting Cash and Credit Card Sales
Michael J. Rasmussen gives the low-down on how Form 1099-K for credit card payment reporting applies to restaurants.
article 69 %
10. Accounting for your money: am I being audited?
How to handle a letter from the IRS
article 64 %
11. Budget basics
Keep profits on track with a plan for budgeting.
article 64 %
12. Hidden costs of using coupons
Track your special offers to make the most of your marketing efforts.
article 64 %
13. On loan
Weigh your options before deciding to lease equipment.
article 64 %
14. Guided goals
Set out with a clear vision for the year ahead.
article 64 %
15. Keeping receipts
Learn the rules on how long to keep your business receipts.
article 64 %
16. Defusing fees
Learn how to navigate credit card and banking fees.
article 64 %
17. Double-check your numbers
Learn the importance of having a system in place to verify your cash deposits.
article 64 %
18. Internal revenue
Save on labor and increase marketing efforts by hiring college interns.
article 64 %
19. The credit card game
Find out how card processing can benefit your pizzeria.
article 64 %
20. Commingling with the IRS
Learn easy tips that can help you avoid an audit in the future.
article 64 %
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