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October 2015

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Lovin’ your oven: How to make sure your pizza oven matches your store concept

Looking to open a new concept or expand your operation? Here’s what you need to know to find an oven that perfectly fits your needs.

Pride of the Yankees: How a pair of New York transplants put a tiny Mississippi town on the world’s pizza map

In the Mayberry-like hamlet of Sardis, Dutch and Rebecca van Oostendorp have used the power of pizza to revive smalltown values at TriBecca Allie.

Sweet talk: 5 can’t-miss ways to sell more desserts at your pizzeria

Forty percent of consumers say they eat post-meal desserts at least twice a week. Here’s how to hit that sweet spot in sales.

Check out these 5 ways to fight a sale slump

When sales suffer due to seasonal changes or a new diet craze, you don’t have to go down without a fight.

Industry experts explain how to find that must-have insurance policy to protect your pizzeria

Without insurance protection, one lawsuit resulting from a food-related illness or a delivery-related accident can shut your pizza shop down forever.

Use these 7 tips to build cross-promotional partnerships for publicity and profit

Think about teaming up with another local business to save marketing dollars and target new customers.

From Memphis to Shanghai, the PMQ crew is always on a mission to uncover new moneymaking ideas and document milestone events.

PMQ pigs out at Hog and Hominy in Memphis, journeys east for the Summer Fancy Food Show and visits with Alex Contreros at Sal’s Pizzeria in Washington, D.C.

Worried about nutritional labeling? Don’t fear the calorie counters

Since he started trying to lose weight, PMQ editor-in-chief Rick Hynum has actually been spending more, not less, at one of his favorite local pizzerias.

Product Spotlight – October 2015

Featuring sandwich solutions, gluten-free crusts, suction cup banners and more.

Down the Hatch

Feel the delicious heat of Hatch and Calabrian chiles in this amazing pizza recipe from Lee Hunzinger of Cane Rosso in Dallas, Texas.

Creamy Tomato Pasta Soup

Just in time for colder weather, Chef Bruno dreams up a savory pasta soup made with tomatoes, fusilli and heavy cream.

The Affordable Care Act presents three hurdles for pizzerias in 2016

Starting in January, some pizzerias will be required to offer health insurance coverage to at least 95% of their fulltime employees.

Dough presses may require changes to your dough formula

Planning to add a dough press to your operation? You’ll probably need a softer, more extensible dough.

Hickory BBQ: What you see is what you get

Hickory BBQ knows that an oven’s visual appeal draws the customers in while quality and consistency keep them coming back.

PizzaParts.com: Don’t let your oven burn you

PizzaParts.com offers both OEM and aftermarket parts in a one-stop-shop for all of your parts needs.

You can buy pizza, gas, fireworks and more at Anthony’s Food Shop in York, Maine

Anthony’s combines the distinctive coziness of a mom-and-pop shop with the striking attention to detail of a chain restaurant.
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