Children Help Choose Pizza Winners

Pizza contest to help Children's Museum invites kids to vote.


The Children's Museum of New Hampshire

At the recent PizzaFest in Dover, New Hampshire, pizzerias vied for the title of "Best Pizza" in Dover.

What made this pizza contest different, however, was the addition of kid voting.

Proceeds from the event went to support the local Children's Museum of New Hampshire. says, "There were many traditional pizzas, and also some really creative choices, including jalapeno and barbecue, mac ‘n’ cheese, Thanksgiving pizza(s), and shepherd’s pie."

Kids were invited to vote for best cheese pizza.

For operators thinking of doing something similar on a smaller scale, consider holding a pizza contest on one of your kids-eat-free nights where you create several different types of pizza and then invite the kids to vote for their favorites. 

You may be surprised to discover the flavor combinations they choose. 


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