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Increase your food and beverage (or bar and restaurant) sales by implementing the Menu-Caddy program at your establishment.

The Menu-Caddy can help boost sales by organizing table aesthetics and pushing the message YOU choose to present to customers.



From recipe guides to dessert menus, food and beverage messages are a natural for THE MENU-CADDY ®

THE MENU-CADDY ®is the ideal merchandising and promotion aid for restaurants and bars because it conserves space, cleans up easily and holds up under heavy use.  Full color THE MENU-CADDY ®cards deliver appetite appeal to stimulate impulse sales of high margin add-ons like appetizers and desserts.  Use THE MENU-CADDY ®to publicize current promotions or upcoming special events.


  •          Patented locking-clip keeps your message in front of the consumer
  •          Flexible design allows for interchangeably of pages
  •          Small footprint – takes up minimum space cleans up table top clutter
  •          Noticeable design and up right presentation, makes your message stand up and stand out
  •          Comprehensively handles multiple offerings
  •          Provokes customer interaction and impulse purchases
  •          Educates consumer and introduces new products
  •          Durable construction provides long lasting use
  •          Always customizable with your company’s signature colors & logos
  •          Keeps pizza shakers and other condiments neatly in place
  •          Makes table clean up quick and easy

THE MENU-CADDY ®is ideal for:

  •   Tabletop menus for desserts, appetizers, beverages, daily specials, etc.
  •   Announcement of promotional events
  •   Recipe guides
  •   Menus in multiple languages

THE MENU-CADDY ®Family of Products is a proven sales enhancer!



(502) 907-6092


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