Top Marketing Tips and Tricks for May 2018

How to start a pizza rewards program and celebrate the first day of summer


Host a Summer Solstice Party

Kick off the summer with an outdoor party complete with pizza, eating contests, a dunk tank and more! If you can’t move everything outside to the patio or parking lot, consider renting an outdoor space for everyone to gather. There’s no better way to get to know your guests than over slices of pizza in the sunshine. During the event, take lots of photos and video for use on social media and create a relevant hashtag for sharing. Silent auctions and giveaways at the event are a surefire way to gather guest information for future promotions and events.


Start a Rewards Club

Data is quickly becoming the new currency, according to global research firm Euromonitor International. If you aren’t already running a loyalty program or e-mail reward club, consider kicking one off this year. The ability to track your customer purchases and, in turn, reward them with customized promotions for their continued patronage is priceless. Dozens of loyalty program providers exist online and are more than ready to walk you through the process to start your own.


Borrow This Idea: Offer a Drunken Pizza

In collaboration with local Philadelphia distiller Stateside Urbancraft Vodka, the Philly outpost of Scarpetta is going beyond the typical vodka sauce to infuse vodka into every element of its popular bar menu item called Vodka Pizza. Scarpetta launched the pie in March and markets it through press releases, social media influencers, and direct e-mails to Scarpetta’s and Stateside’s customer databases. “The pizza is made with Stateside-infused dough, ricotta cheese and sundried tomatoes and drizzled with a traditional vodka blush sauce,” says Scarpetta executive chef Michael Loughlin. Putting vodka in the dough increases the dough’s hydration and makes the pizza crispier, Loughlin says. “Supporting the local community is extremely important to us,” he adds. “We worked tangentially with Stateside in creating the pizza, finding a recipe that balanced the complex flavor profiles of Stateside Vodka and the familiar flavors of Italian cuisine.” The restaurant sells an average of 50 Vodka Pizzas per week and expects that number to grow. 


Quick Promo Tip:

When using hashtags on social media posts, always include a location tag (i.e., #Chicago, #Minneapolis, #Orlando). Your goal with any marketing program should always be to attract the attention of those who are closest to your pizzeria.

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