Pi Day Deals

Are you running a Pi Day deal on 3.14?

Third Wheel Deals for Blaze Pizza (Twitter)

Wednesday, March 14, is Pi Day, and restaurants across the nation will be celebrating with deals, which usually incorporate 3.14 in some way.

Offers.com compiled a list of pizzerias and bakeries that are celebrating with deals on sweet and savory pies. See examples from their list below.

How are you planning to promote your pizzeria on Pi Day? Don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of the #piday and #piday2018 hashtags on social media and spread the word about your pizzeria! Some people are filming pie-in-the-face videos for Pi Day. Do you dare take a pizza pie in the face? Not sure we'd waste a perfectly good pizza on a stunt like that.


Blaze Pizza – Get any Build-Your-Own-Pie pizza for $3.14

Godfather’s Pizza – Get $4 off a Jumbo Pizza, $3 off a large, $2 off a medium and $1 off a small.

Papa Gino’s – With the Triple Threat Deal, get a Large Traditional Cheese Pizza, small boneless chicken wings and an order of Cinnamon Sticks for $16.

Pi Pizzeria – The chain is celebrating its birthday and Pi Day with deals including: Buy one large pizza, get another for $3.14, free large pizza for all Pi babies, and free 4 Hands Pi pint glass with any full-price draft beer purchase.

Urban Bricks Pizza — Any pizza for $3.14

Villa Italian Kitchen – Whole Cheese Neapolitan Pies for $3.14.

Your Pie – Running a contest to win free pizza for a year or a GoPro Karma drone.


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