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March 2016

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Ordering Domino's in Paris [VIDEO]

Domino's plans to open 50 more stores in France each year until 2020 offering a seamless ordering experience. What do residents of Paris think about it? Find out in this home video exclusive.

"Art of Neapolitan pizza making" official candidate for UNESCO recognition

UNESCO recognizes certain cultural heritage sites but also intangible arts. Naples hopes to nail down "the art of Neapolitan pizza making" as official cultural heritage belonging to Italy

Bye, bye telephone line?

If you don't already have online ordering, you're falling another step further behind with the launch of delivery services like Caviar, UberEats and Seamless.

Australians still awaiting Domino's 15 minute guarantee

Domino's Australia has announced a game changing delivery guarantee of 10, 15, or 20 minutes (depending on how much you pay). Papa John's stateside may be following suit.

3 bizarre marketing tactics from Japan

From California to the Azores, PMQ staffers are always on the move.

PMQ staff members hit the Fancy Foods Show, the Cheese Board Collective and the renowned Forneria Sao Dinis in Sao Miguel.

Marzetti Pasta: This super-speedy pasta will help you plate up those comfort-food meals in record time.

Use pasta entreés to create new signature menu items and provide a more varied culinary experience to your diners.

How to improve your “social” life and become the coolest pizzeria on the block

The digital marketing experts at Moving Targets share tips for using social media to create an appealing brand personality.

How to build a pizza empire—without building more pizzerias

The 24/7 Pizza Box serves the perfect slice of your pizza with the convenience of a vending machine.

Product Spotlight – March 2016

Marketing to schools, frozen pasta, mozzarella shreds, POS for tablets and hotel room key marketing

‘Nduja and Marinated Artichoke Pizza

This artisan recipe from Mutti Tomatoes, featuring spicy, spreadable ‘nduja, could be a game-changer for your pizzeria.

The beginner’s guide to online ordering

Nervous about adding online ordering? Keep these 8 tips in mind, and it will be easier than you think!

Penne Tuna and Mozzarella

Chef Bruno makes a run to the supermarket and whips up this simple but savory pasta dish in his hotel room.

The dos and don’ts of marketing to millennials

If you’re going to sell pizza to the largest, most diverse generation in history, you need to know what matters most to them.

Hike up your pizza’s wow factor with these unique and unforgettable cheese blends

When creating multicheese pizzas, go with the unexpected and you’ll never be rejected.

With 18 stores in two states to promote, Vinnie DiNatale of Grotto Pizza still knows how to stay personally connected to his customers.

NASCAR promos, football contests and a high-powered loyalty program help create top-of-mind awareness for this 55-year-old company.

The coin drop: How Buddy LaRosa reaches and inspires young customers

The founder of LaRosa’s Pizzeria uses specially designed coins to promote his chain and make a difference in young lives.

The 8 key traits of brand value

Ever wondered how potential buyers determine the value of your pizzeria? Here’s what you need to know!

How to make friends with millennials

What’s the one trait that makes millennials different from previous generations? (Hint: It’s not just their mobile devices.)

How to make a tastier calzone

If you use your standard pizza dough formula for calzones, try this little trick for better crust flavor.
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