PMQ Visits Anchorage, Alaska

Editor at Large Liz Barrett Foster stops for pizza at Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria in Anchorage.

During a recent trip to Alaska, I realized that the airport we were flying out from was close to Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria.

PMQ had covered the popular pizzeria back in 2008 and I've always been curious about checking it out. 

Knowing that it would surely be years--if ever--before I returned to the Anchorage area, me and my husband, mom and brother grabbed an UBER ride--suitcases in tow--and headed over.

There was nearly an hour wait to get in, which didn't sit well with my mom, but I assured her that it would be worth the wait. I had never tried the pizza, but the smells encircling us outside were intoxicating. I wasn't going anywhere.

Luckily, the wait was only 45 minutes and we had a great server who walked us through the menu and brought us two of the specialty pies.

We were happy to share the Carnivore (all the meats) and Santa's Little Helper (pepperoni, chicken, steak, bacon, peppers, cilantro, mozz and provolone). We topped it all off with a giant mud pie.

With its own beer from Broken Tooth Brewing on tap, two patios and Bear Tooth Theatrepub down the street, Moose's Tooth is hopping night and day. The whole first row of parking is reserved for take-out orders, and there was a steady stream of to-go orders that never let up.


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